Writing Has Been Hard, But Here’s an Update

It’s been hard to find the time and energy to write an update. Even now, as I’m writing this, my capacity for output is minimal. 

But I promised myself I would write something, so here I am. 

It’s been four months since our failed cruise that kicked off this whole writing journey began. 

Things are going pretty okay. Mostly.

Writing has been cathartic for me over the past few months. I’ve even started pursuing professional freelance writing opportunities again, with some success. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy writing and storytelling. 

But, sadly, with the influx of brands turning to AI for writing and marketing needs, and the increase in freelance competition, landing freelance writing jobs, as well as PR agency clients has been an uphill battle. 

In the 13 years I’ve been in business (including during the COVID pandemic), it has never been this difficult for me to find and keep clients. Business is at an all time low, and living expenses are at an all time high. 

It’s been scary and exhausting. I didn’t see it coming, and truthfully, was wildly unprepared. 

So much of my time and energy the past few months has been focused on survival, and rebuilding my business in a more sustainable way. 

Fortunately, I’ve always been resourceful and resilient (thanks, trauma).

I’ve been writing professionally for a few brands,  I’ve started doing paid PR consulting in addition to my normal agency services, I’ve been recording another PR training series, I started writing a mental health ebook, and I’m trying to turn my business website into an online publishing company.  All while Dominic is home for the summer. 

It’s been a lot. I’m working harder than I have in years, and seeing less of a payoff. 

And…I know if I keep going that will change. 

In the meantime, a lot of days I’m burnt out and exhausted. 

But, I’ve been trying to make time for fun too. 

After the cruise, I realized just how important it is for Dominic and I to have fun, even during times when Garrett’s struggling. That’s been a helpful shift. 

During the past few months, Dom and I went to Utah to visit some family for a weekend getaway, took a trip to Great Wolf Lodge with my mom while she was visiting, and spent time with my cousin, Amanda, when she came to visit. 

Dom lounging in Kori & Skyler’s pool / St George, UT

It was so nice to have some fun, some peace, and to connect with other people we love. 

Those things have been mostly lost the past few years; made even more difficult by living so far away from all of the people we care about. 

All three of us have recognized that we need more joy and connection in our lives. The verdict is still out on the best way to go about it, though. 

We love California. We miss family and friends. Cue the inner conflict. 

Garrett has been doing much better, but still struggles at times. He’s been facing difficult situations better than ever before, he started taking a class a few months ago, and he’s been working part time. These have been massively positive shifts for him. Things are still in flux, but I’m super proud of his progress. 

Dom has been really enjoying guitar, and just started taking an online photography class. He’s got a ton of natural musical ability, and he’s really good at motivating himself to reach goals. I’m always super proud of him. 

All three of us are still going to therapy (and I highly doubt that will change anytime soon). We’ve been slowly but surely rebuilding after our difficult start to the year. 

In the midst of all these challenges and changes, we’re still dancing in the kitchen together, we’re still baking way too many treats together, and we’re still snuggling with Louis every chance we get. 

(We’ve also found some time to go to the beach, spend time out in nature, and listen to some live music, too!)

Things are evolving and shifting rapidly. And, in so many ways, that’s amazing (and long overdue). In other ways, it’s been scary and unexpected. 

I think we’re headed in a really good direction, but trying to get there is exhausting.

Feeding the ducks at the lake.

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