Travel Favorites: Top Things in London to See in 2 Days

I’ll admit it – I wasn’t that excited to travel to London.  When my family and I booked a northern European cruise that left from the UK, I was definitely excited for the trip, but I really didn’t expect to love London as much as I did. I (mistakenly) assumed that it probably wasn’t that […]

A Friendly Reminder That Tattoo Guns Don’t Have Spell Check

So, a girl walks into a bar… Okay, the girl was me. And it wasn’t a bar; it was a tattoo parlor.  Imagine the scene. It’s 2010, I’m 22 years old, and I had just got my first-ever tattoo only a week prior.  My objective? To get a full side tattoo of the serenity prayer.  […]

Rock You Like a Hurricane 

So, apparently I have a thing with hurricanes…

In 2015, I was scheduled to take a cruise to Mexico during the same time Hurricane Patricia was making her way along the Baja peninsula.